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Best Online Tax Filing Software
2017 - 2018

Consumer reports show that over the last several years there have been two online tax filing software brands that have consistently stayed at the top of customer satisfaction surveys.

TurboTax the #1 selling brand along with H&R Block the second most popular brand are tried and true choices. These tax programs get the best ratings for intuitive, well formatted tax software programs that consumers continue to return and use each year.

There are advantages that come with using the best rated tax software are numerous but ease of use for stress reduction can certainly be place at the top. The tax season has a tendency to bring on a lot of stress, especially if your looking at owing more taxes. Easy online tax filing is one way to ease the tax filing burden...

The Best Tax Programs Include TurboTax and H&R Block for Top Online Tax Return Choices.

H&R Block Online Tax Filing

HR Block At Home includes a suite of tax filing programs designed with the input and expertise from the largest network of tax preparation professionals in the world.

With H&R Block's offices worldwide, and tax preparation professionals located through neighborhoods in just about every city around the U.S. it's no wonder why they have the consumer preferred products for your tax preparation.

H&R Block offers superior support along with easy navigation in their online tax filing program line-up. These editions include a Free Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premium and the Premium Home and Business Edition.

These programs offer extensive tax deduction support to insure you that your getting every tax deduction you can to help lower your tax bill. The best part is that you don't have to go looking for them. these online tax programs are programmed to look for every tax savings opportunity for you. Now that's good software!

TurboTax Online Tax Filing

TurboTax from Intuit, a top online developer of financial management software programs and more, is the #1 selling online tax software brand on the market today, a position they have held for decades.

The Intuit development team set out to produce the best online tax preparation programs on the market, and to dominate, they've succeeded!

With TurboTax you get a biggest refund guarantee to set your mind at ease, along with intuitive fully guided tax preparation.

This suite of programs includes their Free Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premier and their Home and Business Edition. These online tax filing programs offer solutions for any tax filing needs from the most basic simple 1040ez tax return to the investor and business owners detailed tax filing requirements.

You can rest assured that TurboTax will be a great choice to help you maximize your deductions and insure your taking advantage of the latest tax laws. With it's proven track record of being the top selling tax software brand for decades, you can choose this brand in confidence that your getting the best product on the market!

EVERYONE is Eligible to use Free File!

Maybe you should try Free File for simple returns and let it do the hard work for you. With brand-name software or online Fill-in Forms, it is a choice worth looking at.

Free File allows tax filers to prepare and e-file their federal return very easily for free. Participating software companies offer their Free File product through the IRS. Some may even support state tax return filing.


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